5 Reasons why you Procrastinate


Human beings have been procrastinating since centuries. Aristotle and Socrates described Procrastinating behavior as “Akrasia” – meaning lack of self-control or the state of acting against one’s better judgement.

Procrastination is the challenge faced by everyone on very frequent basis. we justify procrastination by convincing ourselves saying: it was a long tiring day; it was a break we need from work and perhaps we take a discount. Little do we realize that we are running away from something we are afraid of.

You tend to procrastinate when:

  • You lack a skill: one tends to take up things easily when it requires minimum effort to accomplish it. Anything that requires new set of skills, more than usual efforts is always dealt with procrastination in order to avoid discomfort.
  • When outcome is not immediate: Work that does not deliver result immediately is not tempting. Perhaps there is a lack of interest and motivation to take up task and it gets delayed.
  • Fear of failure: when you think you might fail, it is difficult to work constructively. Basically, fear does not allow a person to take a step ahead.
  • Low mood or Depression or anxiety: lack of will and motivation does not allow a person to focus. It affects judgement and confidence. It give rise to attitude of “giving up”.
  • Too much Perfection: desire for too much perfection get in the way to begin.

How to overcome Procrastination?

  • Challenge your belief
  • Be open to experience rather than a failure or success
  • Focus on long term gains- slow and steady wins the race!
  • Discomfort is the first step growth
  • It is better accomplish the task rather then losing it for the sake of perfection which is varies from person to person.

Do not allow procrastination to become way of your life!

Tomorrow never comes!




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